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United States IRS Offices

United States IRS Offices

This site was created to provide information about local IRS offices across the US. On this website you can find information regarding your local IRS office, including location, hours, services, parking, and more. It includes a wealth of other related information. Our purpose is to bridge the information gap between the IRS and taxpayers.

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  1. Hello, My name is Paulette M O’Leary and I need help. My wage garnishment is too high, and I am now 2 house payments, 2 car payments, and at least 3 months behind on my monthly bills, which is greatly affecting my credit. Help please!

  2. IRS Gave me the phone number for tax advocate 1 877 7777 4778. This number leads to a PORN SITE!!!!! Checked it on line… yup, that’s the number listed. How can I get ahold of the Tax Payer Advocate? I never got my 2017 refund.

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