How to Request an Audit Reconsideration

IRS notice of deficiency, audit reconsideration

An Audit Reconsideration is a process used by the Internal Revenue Service to help you when you disagree with the results of an IRS audit of your tax return, or a return created for you by the IRS because you did not file a tax return. Reasons why you may want to request an audit … Read more

IRS Announces The People First Initiative for COVID-19 Hardships

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The IRS recently announced The People First Initiative to provide compliance relief to taxpayers experiencing COVID-19 related hardships. It released a FAQ to address how taxpayers undergoing audits or have collections and other issues can proceed. Here’s how it impacts you. If you owe back taxes IRS is not forgiving tax debts and balances will continue … Read more

What is an IRS notice of deficiency?

IRS notice of deficiency, audit reconsideration

A notice of deficiency is a proposed increase of tax and your notice to dispute the deficiency in tax court. Before it can assess liability for unpaid taxes, the IRS must send a deficiency notice to the taxpayer’s last known address by certified mail or registered mail. The notice also gives taxpayer the right to … Read more

IRS audit tip – how to substantiate car and truck expenses

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Many taxpayers will claim a car and truck deduction on their Schedule C or business returns. Often, taxpayers are unaware of what documents they should retain to substantiate their deduction if selected for audit. Deductions for car and truck expenses — overview Deductions for expenses with respect to the use of passenger automobiles are subject … Read more

Dealing with an IRS Audit

Internal Revenue Service Phone Number, IRS Audit, People First Initiative

If you’re under audit by the IRS, it’s important to understand how to protect your rights during an audit. Types of IRS Audits Many people will deal with an IRS audit at some point in their lives. It may be a simple correspondence audit, or it may be a field visit to your business. Correspondence … Read more

IRS “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams for 2019

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The IRS “Dirty Dozen” List

The IRS released their yearly Dirty Dozen tax scams for 2019.

This year’s “Dirty Dozen” list highlights a wide variety of schemes that taxpayers may encounter at any time, although many may peak during tax-filing season. The schemes run the gamut from simple refund inflation scams to complex tax shelter deals. A common theme throughout all: Scams put taxpayers at risk.

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