IRS Suspends Some Tax Due and Unfiled Return Notices Due to Backlog

IRS notice of deficiency, audit reconsideration

Have you received a letter from the IRS stating that you owe taxes even though you paid it? Or that you have an unfiled return even though you’ve filed it? You’re not alone. The IRS says it is aware of the problem and is assisting taxpayers by suspending certain automated notices. The IRS is entering … Read more

IRS Announces The People First Initiative for COVID-19 Hardships

Internal Revenue Service Phone Number, IRS Audit, People First Initiative

The IRS recently announced The People First Initiative to provide compliance relief to taxpayers experiencing COVID-19 related hardships. It released a FAQ to address how taxpayers undergoing audits or have collections and other issues can proceed. Here’s how it impacts you. If you owe back taxes IRS is not forgiving tax debts and balances will continue … Read more

Treasury Inspector General Says IRS too Lax on High-Income Nonfilers

IRS notice of deficiency, audit reconsideration

In its May 29, 2020 report, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) admonished the IRS, finding that high-income nonfilers owing billions of dollars are not being worked by the Internal Revenue Service. The report notes that “pursuing nonfilers is one of the IRS’s most efficient enforcement strategies because issuing nonfiler notices can be … Read more

Filing Back Tax Returns

Oklahoma tax relief, Filing back tax returns, delinquent returns, back taxes help, irs whistleblower award, Coronavirus paid leave, Paycheck Protection Program for Small Biz

If you haven’t filed your tax returns in a while, how do you get back into compliance? Do you need an attorney? Many people are able to file their back tax returns using TurboTax or other tax software. You might need a CPA or attorney in some cases You may need to retain a tax … Read more