IRS Office Houston TX

This page provides information about the IRS office Houston, Texas locations. There are four IRS offices in Houston TX, all of which have walk in Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

IRS Locations in Houston, Texas

There are four IRS offices in Houston, TX.

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  2. I made multiple attempts to e-file my 2018 taxes on time. However, every time I received “rejected” status due to incorrect AIG of prior year 2017.
    Last year I filed my taxes via paper and mailed it to IRS Austin, TX.
    I have not yet received my last year’s refund. However, I did verified my on line account at IRS website and it does shows proper AIG .
    Now, I am not sure what needed to be done to file my 2018 taxes.
    I am trying to contact over the phone. Issue is phone has so many options and at the end I do not get hold of any agent to talk to.
    I trying contacting appointment line which took almost 30 mins and agent told me this is appointment line, so call forwarded to right agent and I am still waiting
    I need help.


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