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This page provides information about the IRS Office Tampa location.

IRS Office Tampa – 3848 W. Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33607

The Tampa IRS Office is located east to the Tampa International Airport on West Columbus Drive – the location is truly hard to miss. Apart from the International Airport, few installations and landmarks around the area are Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, Miler’s Ale House – Tampa Airport, Aspire Financial Services, Burger King, Visconti at International Drive etc. Apart from IRS, Production Services & Systems Inc. is the other major tenant sharing the same office space.


East on West Columbus Drive: Head west on West Columbus Drive toward North Lincoln Avenue that leads to the Tampa International Airport. Look out for North Grady Avenue and once the road arrives, make a slight left onto it. Then, a sharp left onto West Columbus Street should lead to the IRS Office. The office will be on the left.

West on Spruce Street: Head east on Spruce Street and continue onto West Boy Scout Boulevard. Continue onto West Columbus Drive and the destination will be on the right on this road.

North on US-92: Head south on US-92 highway toward West Alva Street and make a right turn onto West Columbus Drive. Make a slight left turn onto North Grady Avenue and after a little while, a sharp left turn onto West Columbus Drive. The destination will be on the right.

South on Lois Avenue: Head north on North Lois Avenue toward West Fig Street. Take a right turn onto West Boy Scout Boulevard and continue onto West Columbus Drive. The destination will be on the right.


Monday through Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. This office follows the federal holiday schedule.


Information: (813) 302-5500

Appointment: (844) 545-5640


A wide open on-spot commercial parking lot is available for the visitors and employees of the IRS Office.


All public visitors are required to walk through electronic security equipment. Security personnel would ask for government issued IDs to verify identity and validate appointment.


All public visitors are required to take appointments prior to visiting by calling the number provided above.


  • Account inquiries (help with letters, notices and levies on your wages or bank account)
  • Adjustments (changes to tax account information or payments)
  • Alien clearances (Sailing Permits)
  • Assistance with Affordable Care Act tax provision questions for individuals
  • Basic tax law assistance January 2 – April 18 (answers related to your individual Federal Tax Return) (Topics)
  • Check, money order, or cash payment acceptance (Exact Change is Required)
  • Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance
  • Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return (submission of tax return if unable to e-file)
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers and Form W-7 (More Information)
  • Multilingual assistance (over 150 languages translated)
  • Payment arrangements
  • Procedural inquiries
  • Solutions to tax issues
  • Tax forms (based on availability)

You may receive assistance provided by an employee physically located in this office or from an employee in a remote office using a computer monitor.  It is similar to talking face to face with an employee in the office except the employee is sitting in a different location.  You simply sit at the designated work station and speak with the employee appearing on screen.   Using this technology you will be able to resolve issues such as:

  • Account inquiries
  • Adjustments
  • Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order (ATAO)
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Payment arrangements
  • Solutions to tax issues
  • Tax form orders
  • Tax law assistance
  • Taxpayer identification numbers

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  1. I need to speak to a human being!!
    I am trying to find the status of my 1040 X that was received in Austin at 12:31 pm on November 30, 2020. When I submit the information on the phone or online I am told there is no information available. When I try to get an appointment at the local office I am told to call back the next day. I have called numerous times to no avail.


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